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Our Annual Members’ Meeting will be held on October 28th at 7pm in the Parish Hall. We need your support and views. If you would like to join the committee please write your name on the form in the shop.

After the AGM we are holding a Quiz. See “Updates” for details. Come and demonstrate your general knowledge and just have a bit of fun. £5 per team. First prize is 6 bottles of wine!!

We are discussing the possibilities for greatly expanding the shop within Pickards. What are your views?

Opening hours are 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 1pm on Saturdays. Closed on Sundays.

You can email us at admin@burringtonshop.org.uk


Burrington lost its village shop in October 2014. A steering group was formed to begin the work of creating a new Community Shop within the village. This site will keep everybody up to date with our progress. But the headline news is that as of 23rd September 2015 there is now a Community Shop operating within the village! Yes, we have now been open for over a year.

A public meeting was held on 29th October 2014 in the Village Hall to hear about how Chittlehamholt went about setting up their shop and for everybody to ask questions and give their views as to what was needed. A second meeting was held on 6th November for those who couldn’t make the 29th and to finalise an initial steering group. At the end of the open meeting the group set about preparing a questionnaire to go to every household in Burrington. As a result, it was decided that a new, community run, shop would be viable.

The committee generated a business plan and, after joining the Plunkett Foundation, set up a limited company. We are now a “Community Business Society”, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (no. 7123)


We visited several Community Shops in the area to see what makes them successful and what to avoid. We also looked at various locations that had been suggested to us as possible places that we could have a shop – the Parish Hall appeared to offer the most appropriate solution to our initial needs, and that after opening we could pursue the planning of a more permanent building near the Methodist Chapel. We were then offered space within Pickards Country Store. This offer has been accepted and we opened this shop for business on 23rd September.

Work towards permanent premises is on-going. We are discussing, with Pickards, a major extension of the existing shop. This may well include a Post Office. Hopefully these discussions will bear fruit and provide the village with the facilities it needs. If not, we will need to look at erecting a separate building for the shop.

Thank you to everybody who has supported us up until now and we hope you will all now support the shop by using it for as much as is practical.

If you wish to speak directly to someone about this project please contact one of the steering group:


Steve Aldridge




Betty Cox




Teresa Cullen


Vice Chairman


Jack Earnshaw




Carole Poulton




Rosella Turner




Elaine Willis




Kate Burrows

07874 082111




General email address : admin@burringtonshop.org.uk


Page updated 30 September 2016


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